Andrew A

Wow! I was very impressed with Makayla’s process for finding out what YOU the client actually wants. I needed my kitchen remodeled badly. I told her basically what I was looking for. She asked if I could show her any rooms in my house that I liked and why I like them. Asked me a lot of questions. She really does an effective job of getting into what a person likes and their style and the “why” behind it. What she came back with for me was nothing I had originally told her I was wanting at all. It was freaking awesome! What she showed me was a kitchen that was more “me” than any other part of my house! It’s now my favorite room! lol —The other added benefit of hiring her is she could get up to 40% off of the materials. (countertops, cabinets, new microwave, etc) Her fees for her service ended up not costing me anything! I cannot recommend her enough!!

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